Acrylic mirrors and other alternative uses for plastic

Acrylic mirrors and other alternative uses for plastic

Plastic is commonplace in most of our households. We use it to store our food, and as toys for our children, there’s plastic in our running shoes and in the interiors of our cars. It’s so handy that we often don’t even think about using it unless we’ve made the swap from plastic bags to paper bags. 

There are certain things you might not even consider using plastic for but it can be a very cost-effective and useful alternative. 

The most common material plastic replaces is glass like you might find plastic pool fencing or an acrylic mirror in Australia. There are pros and cons to both materials, but in many instances, plastic is the more durable, cost-effective, and useful option. 

Acrylic mirrors 

You’ve probably never imagined a mirror made of anything other than glass, but actually, acrylic mirrors are a great alternative when it comes to getting your reflection. 

Acrylic is just as reflective as glass and easier to clean. It’s also much more durable and so a useful alternative for mirrors in children’s bedrooms, or other high-traffic areas. 

If you’re going to buy an acrylic mirror in Australia, they’re also often the cheaper option and you can get your mirror custom cut to whatever shape and size you like. 

Use plastic for picture frames 

Having pictures up around the house is a lovely decorative touch, and there are numerous framing options available – from custom-built frames to op shop finds. 

When you replace glass frames with plastic, you can use perspex for the whole frame, or you can replace the glass in an old picture frame with perspex sheets. 

Either way, plastic is lighter than glass so plastic frames will be easier to attach to your walls. Given they’re lighter, there’s less chance of them falling off the wall, but if they do – they won’t shatter into a million pieces

Plastic pool fences 

Having a pool fence is mandatory in Australia, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise on aesthetics. A beautiful pool deserves to be seen and the best way to get uninterrupted views over your backyard is with a clear pool fence. 

A plastic pool fence provides you with uninterrupted views, but it’s also lighter to install, and less fragile – and won’t shatter if it is damaged. A plastic pool fence is also more cost-effective. 

There’s a huge variety of uses for plastic and lots of information on how you can use it at home online. Find an expert plastic supplier and check out their blog to see what they’re discussing, a good place to start is: