Planning your next Australian Trip – The Ultimate Camper Trailer Check List

Planning your next Australian Trip – The Ultimate Camper Trailer Check List

There are so many ways travellers can enjoy the beautiful Australian landscape. One that travellers experience all of Australia’s timeless scenery is to cement themselves directly within it. You can embark on your Australian journey by finding a camper trailer for sale.

Nothing tells the Australian story better than the outback. Picture brown, sun-kisseddirt, stretching for kilometres on end, remote regions sparsely lined with sprawling cattle stations and rugged mountain ranges. Essentially, the ‘great outdoors’ symbolises Australia.

When you’re planning your adventure through the ‘great outdoors’ in a camper trailer, these are the items you will need to have:

1. Look at a camper trailer for sale

There’s no better way to see the true essence of the country, than to immerse yourself in it. If you’re planning your big trip around our country, you should consider looking at a camper trailer for sale. Getting a camper trailer might just be the best way to see the country!

Depending on the type of travelling you plan on doing, you should be looking at a camper trailer for sale that’s in line with your needs.

Cup Campers is Australia’s most popular flip top camper since 1968. We suggest you look at their models when looking for a camper trailer for sale. If you are an Australian resident and plan to take along a disabled person, there are camper vans with wheelchair access. If you own a van, consider modifying it for a disabled family member you care for after consulting an NDIS plan management team.

Their flip-top campers are manufactured in Australia and are made to suit your travel needs!

2. Things to pack

After taking ownership of a camper trailer, you should think about the type of gear that you will need to bring with you on your trip.

Sleeping bags are key! Look at getting yourself an ARB sleeping bag. They’re king-sized sleeping bags made with the traveller in mind! It’s almost like a doona and is very comfortable! These bags are a key element to place in your camper trailer.

3. In case of emergency

There are a few things you should pack in your camper trailer, in any case of emergency. A Jockey wheel is one of these things.

Jockey wheels are tough enough to allow you to tow your camper through serious mud, sand and the rest! They are built with quality in mind and can load 750kg!

4. Find your spark! Think about your electrical needs

Think about getting an electrical manager. An electrical manager can handle multiple batteries, solar, mains power and keep an eye on all things electrical. This is very helpful if you have many cables and multiple inputs. They might be big, but they can help you keep your electrical needs under control.

5. Check your tyres!

Making sure that your tyres are in good nick is crucial! Your vehicle will travel through some pretty tough tracks and you want to make sure that your tyres are ready for it!

After ticking off these main items, you will be ready to embark on your great Aussie adventure.

Remember, when looking for a camper trailer for sale do your research! Get in touch with the professionals at Cub Campers to help you find a camper trailer that suits your needs.

Secondly, make sure you have all the tools you might need while on your travels! Remember your sleeping bag and any emergency products you might need.

Lastly, enjoy your adventure; immerse yourself in the beauty that the country has to offer.