The Advantages of Asphalt for Your Space

The Advantages of Asphalt for Your Space

Asphalt services can be a great option if you’re looking to renovate your driveway, or outdoor space around your business. Not only is it a ‘pour it and forget it’s situation, but it also looks very stylish, sleek, and professional, increasing the look of any property. 

 So, let’s go over the unique advantages asphalt comes with.  

Asphalt is Smooth 

When driven over asphalt gives users the smooth, quiet ride they expect from high-quality roads. This happens because the asphalt used commercially is built in multiple layers which results in a flow of material that then allows for better drives, and a low rolling resistance which makes it possible for up to 5% less fuel consumption and emissions for vehicles passing over. This is also why asphalt is used in airports. 

Asphalt is Durable 

When you decide on asphalt, you’re getting an option that will last you years to come. The reason for this is because asphalt is built in layers. The first layer is an unbound granular layer topped with a binding layer. It is this binding layer you drive over. By creating the asphalt in layers, it allows the asphalt to move with the earth and this then reduces the amount of wear and tear over time. This means your investment is protected in the long term.

Asphalt is Flexible

Asphalt is not just one mix, and pour situation, there is tailor-made asphalt for different situations. Roads in lower traffic areas have a different mix than freeways do, and then there’s a different mix for driveways. This means you have the flexibility of choice, not just when it comes to color, but the mix of asphalt used as well. Depending on the amount of traffic, the sizes of the layers of asphalt are tweaked and this is what gives certain roads a heftier look than others.

Asphalt is the Green 

Many people are unaware of this, but research shows that asphalt when recycled can lead to lesser energy costs and emissions overall. This means asphalt can be affordable and lead to a more reusable future for our world. Producing reused asphalt is also a safe process and is done with equipment specialized to not harm the environment around the area. 

Asphalt is Stylish

Sure, roads aren’t very appealing to look at, but asphalt can be. When used in residential spaces, asphalt is a great way to move past the boring look of concrete. Asphalt can be used in different mixtures to give you a more textured driveway, or a smoother and sleeker look, depending on your taste. 

If you’re interested in using asphalt for your next build or renovation, it’s a great idea to contact the leaders in asphalt laying and asphalt repairs in Melbourne, Nelson Asphalting. Call their expert team today and see how they can help you!