What is a good thread count for a comforter?

What is a good thread count for a comforter?

With all of the discussion surround thread count for sheets, some people forget that the thread count for their comforter is just as important. Your bed is often the focal point of your bedroom, as it is usually the largest piece of furniture in the room and with the right comforter and pillows, can draw the eye. Nothing is better than cuddling up in a warm bed with the perfect comforter, especially on a rainy day or a cold winter night.

In order to make it easier for consumers to find and buy the best comforters, the bedding industry has instituted a thread count system, so that manufacturers can easily identify high quality bedding from lower quality alternatives. Though thread count is often the most important factor, there are other factors that contribute to how soft the comforter feels and how durable the fabric itself is.

Thread Count

Thread count signifies the number of threads running both lengthwise and widthwise in one square inch of the comforter’s fabric. The higher the thread count is, the denser the weave is, and, in general, the higher quality the threads are (as finer threads are necessary to fit more into a square inch, so they must be fine and durable).

The higher the thread count of your comforter, the more luxurious it will feel to the touch. Keep in mind that anything over 250 thread count is considered to be very high quality fabric. Once you are getting into 400 or even 800 threads, you are going to have some serious quality. Not only will it last longer, through more washes, and feel softer to the touch, the denser weave will also help keep fill like down or cotton batting inside the comforter.


The material used to make the individual threads of the thread count can be just as important as the thread count. A 600 thread count comforter will have finer, softer, and more resilient materials than a comforter with 200 thread count. Cotton used to make lower thread count blankest will usually not be as durable or as soft as cotton used to make high thread count comforters. The same goes for just about every other fabric.


If you want a down comforter, the higher the thread count of your comforter, the better. Down is known to work its way through fabric, and it will have a much harder time doing that if the fabric is more densely woven. While other fillers have less of a tendency to escape their fabric shell, you do not ever want to feel like your comforter is leaking materials. While you can find down comforters with a 200 thread count, a higher thread count will serve you better in the long run.