Why You Should Buy Australian Email Marketing Lists

Why You Should Buy Australian Email Marketing Lists

Even though online communication has shifted more towards social media sites, email communication is still widely used, and that’s why email marketing is still very effective to be used in promoting a business. There have been some claims that the use of email is declining, but actually these are just unreasonable claims without being based on real statistics. The truth is, the traffic of email communication is actually increasing over the years, especially in business application. That means, millions of people out there are still checking their emails regularly, and that’s what makes email marketing is effective.

Targeting Australian Market

First of all, why targeting the Australian market? Well, this is actually an unnecessary question for local businesses in Australia, it’s obvious that they need to target their local market. But if you’re not in Australia and you own a business that has no boundaries, like when you sell a software or membership to a certain website for example, then you should really consider the Australian market as your marketing target.

Australia is a developed country with millions of Internet users, but that’s not even the best part. According to the statistics issued in 2013 by the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics), about 76% of 15.4 million Internet users in Australia made a purchase online. Furthermore, the ABS also explained that the most popular purchases were tickets of any kind, travel, accommodation, and memberships.

Where To StartSetting up an email marketing campaign is actually quite simple and everyone can do it. The trickiest part is when you need to come up with a list of leads where you can send your email marketing materials.

The most common method is to setup a website where you can offer something free that relates with your actual products and in order to get the freebie the visitors must subscribe by submitting their email address.

However, this could be a long and exhausting process. Gathering all those leads by yourself is not an easy job. You need to setup a website, promote the website to get targeted visitors, then you also need to find something that you can share for free but still offers great value to get your visitors’ emails.

A much easier and efficient way is to buy Australian email lists from a trusted provider. It’s practically effortless and you can start your email marketing campaign right away, while you can concentrate on more important stuff that have more impacts on your business. If you think of all the benefits, you will see that buying Australian email marketing lists is really a worthy investment.